In 2005, Patricia Deshinsky won first prize for a story she submitted to the O. Henry Festival in Greensboro, NC, giving her the shot of confidence she needed to begin a series of novels she’d been imagining for many years.

In 2013, on her thirty-seventh wedding anniversary, she retired prematurely, a gutsy move risking a little too much togetherness as far as her marriage was concerned.  Even so, after raising three daughters and exploring three decade-long careers — teacher, Realtor, children’s librarian — she had decided to nurture her lifelong desire to write with the time and energy that had so far proved lacking.

Fortunately her husband was a good sport about it, sharing his home office space, even taking her out to lunch now and then. Now two years later, she has completed her first novel, a historical fiction, and is researching the sequel while trying her hand at other projects, like this one.

You might judiciously inquire as to her credentials to espouse the claims you will find here.  She is not versed in matters of film-making or Hollywood.  She admits to being greatly confused about the role a producer plays… and the extent to which he can influence the film he is financing.  That said, she has one very simple but effective tool in her belt, a THD: Doctor of Thinkology.


“You’ll believe in more than that before I’m through with you.”

“Ain’t it the truth!”


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