The most tear-jerking scene in the movie is when volcanic smoke swallows the brachiosaurus while the boat pulls away.  The creature howls as it realizes it’s been left to die on the self-destructing island, then swoons. I’d have loved to compare it to the Witch of the West melting, “ohhh, what a world.”  But come on, nobody’s tears were jerked when the wicked witch bit the dust.  Just can’t make it work.

claw hands

  • A better parallel can be drawn in Maisie’s bedroom when the Indoraptor’s cunning claws figure out how to wind open her window.  “These things must be done delicately…”  Think of Dorothy trapped in the witch’s quarters; actually we’ve already done so a few scenes before when Maisie was first locked in.  (There’s even a crystal ball of sorts on her nightstand.) Now watch as those sharp talons draw close to the child just like the witch’s fingernails threatening but momentarily restraining themselves.
  • Steven’s had a busy year, what with The Post and Ready Player One.  I have to wonder if aside from a few suggestions, he didn’t leave this film in other capable hands.  Most of the WOO tags I noticed are of the standard variety. As always keep your eyes peeled for red and yellow pairings, abundant in beginning, but found popping up in the oddest places throughout, the buoy that brings up a giant tooth, the vet’s garish T-shirt and Maisie’s socks, to name a few.clever claw
  • Justice Smith, the kid who plays computer tech nerd, Franklin, offers comic relief of the cowardly lion variety with his nervous queries and silly screams.
  • Don’t even tell me it’s a stretch to claim the chase scenes over roof tops, ledges and balconies of Lockwood’s estate are reminiscent of the witch’s castle ramparts.
  • Spielberg sucks away all the color during the dinosaur auction.  A dreary, hopeless future awaits the poor creatures indentured to the highest bidder.
  • A brilliant dazzle of light silhouettes the Indoraptor’s appearance, warning of omnipresent danger.
  • After their escape from the cell, we know our beleaguered heroes are about to turn the tables when the elevator bell rings.  It’s a Glinda chime affirming the plot is twisting in a new direction. Claire gives us a triple encore on the roof, clanging a diversion for Indoraptor so Owen and Maisie can escape.  Soon after, Indoraptor won’t be bothering anyone ever again.
  • LOL!  The prosthetic rubber arm from Warner Brothers’ prop department makes yet another cameo appearance.  Chomp chomp.
  • Both Owen and Claire get to sing out the ‘RUN (Toto) RUN line.  Several times.
  • Right before Maisie teams up with Owen and Claire, during the scene where Indoraptor is stalking her, a gentle breeze from her window puffs her curtain inward.  She’s about to experience a huge change in her life. True, she already knows her grandfather is dead, but what she doesn’t know and soon will is the secret of her genesis.friendly farewell
  • Not WOO but worth mentioning is the moonlit shot of Owen extending his hand in friendship (rather than command) to Blue.  It brings to mind the classic E.T.- Elliot finger image repeated again in BFG.