Indy CS hourglass on Indy's desk

  • When Indy is told the university is letting him go, he speaks to Charles Stanforth (the Dean) about Marcus and his father having passed away. You see the camera pan Indy’s desk at that moment. There is the hourglass whose sands were ticking away Dorothy’s life in witch’s castle—only in Indy’s normal sized version, the sands have already run out for his loved ones.Indy CS witch's hourglass
  • The zombies guarding the burial area where Orellana is entombed are fast and jerky movers, crouching and leaping like the witch’s flying monkeys. See Raiders of the Lost Arc, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Minority Report, The Lost World of Jurassic Park, The Adventures of TinTin for other spoofs on the witch’s monkeys.
  • When Indy and his crew have gone over the falls, then enter the Crying Man’s Head cavern, you see a skull on the wall, whose eyeballs are suddenly animated and roll from one side to the other. In the Witch’s enchanted forest when companions speak of ‘spooks’, there is a raven (or 2?) whose eyes become animated and roll just like that. Then the monkeys arrive… Here, that same  eye-roll is a precursor to the insane tribesmen’s appearance.
  • Incidentally, the monkey from Raiders of the Lost Arc makes a reappearance in the jungle, not in WOO costume but definitely coiffed…is he admiring Mutt’s carefully tended ‘do’? Is that why he helps Indy and Marion’s son?

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