• Well you knew Toto had to be touched on somewhere, right? At the haunted mansion, Snowy tumbles the ferocious Rottweiler just like Toto stands up to the cowardly lion in the forest (with a little help from Dorothy).
  • When Tintin is shanghaied in a crate, Snowy scampers along a flight of stairs in pursuit. He looks just as frantic as Toto did escaping from Ms. Gulch and the witch. But the main scene that comes to mind is the exciting sequence where Toto leads the three companions to where Dorothy is imprisoned seconds before the remaining sand in the hourglass runs out. See Toby in Twister.
  • There is a flash of a person on a bike as Snowy gives chase. Is this referencing scene where Toto jumps out of Ms. Gulch’s basket?
  • Compare scenes where Toto is grabbed by Almira Gulch/ and Snowy is struggling by the scruff of his neck to escape from the bad guys.  See Gremlins.
  • The bad guy’s falcon at his beck and call really makes you think of witch’s flying monkey Captain. See Raiders of the Lost Arc, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Minority Report,   The Lost World of Jurassic Park. 
  • HAHA! Tintin’s pointy hair cuts through water after the plane crash, completely oversized like Jaws’ humongous fin—not a WOO moment but too good to refrain from mentioning!
  • As long as we’re branching out, did the car lifted by the crane at the climax remind anyone else of Titanic?

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